Saturday, March 24, 2012

Non-sewing WIP - Project House

The last time I posted anything about our house project was after we bought the shed on Veteran's Day last November. I promise we've been making progress since then, and I even have photographic evidence of such! ;)

We've been a bit scatter-brained about it - our back bathroom is partially painted, but it also needs more drywall work. Our guest bedroom has had the carpet torn out (good riddance!) and had the window replaced, and today Jeff spent the day smoothing out the awful texture. Over the last month, our electrician-contractor-fellow has been out a few times to fix some light switches and to install these lovelies:

A new mirror, new light over the mirror, and new bathroom sink / sink cabinet! Hooray! The old crap was SO ugly, and the sink was covered in stains from all the paint projects, they definitely needed to go.

We also managed to pick a color for the bathroom - a mint green color, chosen only because the gallon of paint was $3 on the clearance rack at Lowe's, haha! For the back bathroom, we picked a light blue color that for some reason looks green, so I'm not-so-secretly hoping that this mint green will look blue when it gets on the wall! We're hoping to have the shower tiled (with white tiles) sometime in April, and the floor as well (though we haven't picked a color for that yet - we'll probably wait to see how the paint looks once it's on the wall).

I also have plants! They look so great. The sunflower in the back is mostly dead now, though, unfortunately. The thing on the left was a clearance plant from Lowe's; the jade plant in the middle was a gift from Jeff's grandmother (so I *definitely* can't let it die! - it's gotten a ton bigger than when she gave it to me, though) and the plant on the right was some other random thing from Lowe's. It's added a bunch of new leaf-things since I got it, so I must be doing something right. I love succulents!

Any home improvement projects going on at your place? Or pretty flowers? I'll try to post some more flowers in the next few days, as I'm hoping to work in the garden a bunch this weekend if the weather holds out!

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