Friday, March 23, 2012

Update on Paper Piecing

English paper piecing, which I have started recently as something to do while wasting away in front of watching television, has been pretty darn successful so far! I've decided that the first thing I'm going to turn my hexies into is a pretty cover for my sewing machine (I currently use the hard shell case it came in).

I've started piecing them together, mostly hoping that I've done it right because I lost interest in reading / following the directions (which really ends up being the problem with most of my sewing projects-gone-awry).

First they turned into this clump. As usual, Molly MUST be involved with every project I take on. (Side note, I'm currently reading Jeanne Walls's Half-Broke Horses and it is just as good as The Glass Castle was!)

And then they turned into this! I've added a bunch more since I took this photo, so imagine it a little bigger, but I'm really enjoying it! I love having something simple to work on while sitting around with hubs, and I look forward to making myself a cute little pouch so that I can take them with me! Hooray!

Have you tried English Paper Piecing? What did you make with yours? It seems like they'd also make good coasters... Hmm....


  1. Olá,quero te dizer para não para com papel,faça estrelas,borboletas de hexágonos etc...Sou viciada nisso tenho 23,000 em estoque,de vários tamanhos,eu mesma faço molde.A gente aproveita todos os pedacinhos de tecido.Tenho duas dicas que acho que vale a pena te passar:1:Faça vários tamanhos de moldes,dê uma conferida em suas sucatas,comece dos maiores.:2:Para mim foi o pulo-do-gato.Use gráficos de ponto cruz.Use para estes a maior moeda de seu País,no meu caso hum real(sou Brasileira)é um centímetro de diâmetro.Corte quadradinho de 4cm.depois você escolhe como vai usar,emedar ou aplicar.Espero que tenha ajudado.Um beijo.

  2. I went on an EPP bender for all of January and most of February! Love it so much. Your sewing machine is going to look darling. Also, I totally have the same "just wing it" attitude, but I usually end up consulting the Internet at some point if things go badly :D