Monday, November 14, 2011

Expensive weekend

This was an expensive weekend for us. After we tore down our shed last weekend, we'd been waiting until this weekend to buy our new one. We already had it picked out, but Lowe's gives all veterans (including those of us without a fancy retirement ID card!) a 10% discount on purchases up to $5,000. So... as much as I was dreading it, we pulled the trigger and bought this one:
This is the 10' by 10' Rainier "wood storage building" from Heartland. Supposedly it will be here and installed within the next month - we're hoping they can come out the week of Thanksgiving since Jeff will be off from school. It will come in a boring primer color, with black shingles. 

Eventually we'll paint it the same color as our house - which, after having a new window installed this weekend, is becoming increasingly patchwork! Most of the house is a beige color, but with all the windows we've replaced, with various kinds of stucco, we've got some lighter tan patches, some white patches, and even now some dark gray patches, haha! It'll all work out. 

Now I just have to go cry over how much we spent this weekend on home improvement projects!

It'll all be worth it in the long run...right!? ;)


  1. Common you wanted it ;-) It will be good! And look at all the money you saved. That's what my grandmother always said ;-)

  2. It totally will! Just think about how great it will be when you're done! x