Wednesday, February 15, 2012


If you look at my feets under my sewing table (formerly known as my dining room table), this is usually what you'll see.

If you read my blog, you'll see the title "Hope Sewing is Genetic."

Yes, the two are linked together, and I'm going somewhere with this, I promise!

My blog title refers to my grandmother, who was an expert in all things crafty, it seemed - she sewed tiny Barbie clothes and clothes for me as a child; everyone in my family has an afghan she made; she tried to teach me crochet and counted cross-stitch when I was a kid, but I didn't quite have the patience for it yet. Check out photos of a sweater and the afghans that she made me here.

My grandfather had his own sorts of crafts, too - he did all kinds of woodworking, including making very detailed dollhouses for the ladies of the family, and later would do all kinds of painting (I see another blog post in all these things, don't worry).

Anyway, back to my blog. When I started looking for a hobby a year and a half or so ago, I decided on sewing because, well, I've got such a great family history of doing it, and hopefully it's written on my genes.

Now the slippers (we're coming back around!).

My grandmother wore slippers like this. My dad wears them, too. I saw them at Target not long after I started quilting and knew I had to have them...for sewing in. I do wear them at other times, but I almost always wear them when I sew (except when it's 100 degrees out over the summer, because, well, the fuzz is a little hot n' sweaty then!).

So there ya go. Another little sewing quirk. Do you have any of those? Perhaps a chant you perform before starting a new free-motion quilting project, or a totem that has to be nearby when you start on HSTs? ;)


  1. You're so cute!
    Glad you picked sewing!! :)
    Check this post out - the picture at the end!

  2. Yes! I wear ugg boots at all times when sewing - even in 100 degree heat. My husband thinks I'm mad but I can't seem to concentrate without them on. Long live the fluffy slipper!!