Sunday, February 5, 2012

First Sale!

So as I posted yesterday in a fit of excitement, I sold my first quilt on Friday! Wow!

I had taken another finish (which I haven't blogged about yet) in to work on Thursday just to show off - the gals in the office know I quilt, but I hadn't taken in anything to show them in quite a while. Everyone oohed and aahed over it, and there was a teensy bit of interest from a couple people about possibly buying one, so I figured the next one I took in should be one that didn't already have a destination in that's what I did. :)

Yup, that's my silly face peeking out over the top. :) It's basically a jelly roll race quilt that actually started out as being the other half of the very first quilt I actually finished (which you can read about here). I backed it with some flannel remnants from Joann. It's child sized, probably 50 by 40.

To be completely honest, I started out not really liking this quilt top very much, which is why it sat on my WIP shelf for a few months (or seven...but who's counting). I picked the bright blue solid as binding, though, and it just seems to make the whole thing really pop. I'm SO pleased with how it turned out!

Anyway, back to the sale story, I took this quilt in on Friday to show off and hopefully sell - a coworker of mine thought I should bring in one that was girly so that I could hopefully sell it to my boss, who has a two year old granddaughter he totally adores... And yup, that's who bought it!

...for $60! Not a huge profit or anything, but it definitely paid for, um, at least most of my trip to Joann yesterday for more fabric. ;)

Have you sold anything you've made? Does my price seem reasonable? (He accepted the price, so I guess it isn't a bad offer, right? haha!)

**Also! Tomorrow is Fugly Fabric Day and I *will* be having a giveaway - make sure you're a follower so you don't miss the chance to win fugly fabric OR a fugly book!!**

Edited 3/29/12: Linking up to Quilter in the Gap for the Finish-A-Long drawing. This was part of my Q1 Goal list, found here!


  1. Wonderful Steph! Very cute quilt.
    I haven't sold any so I've no clue but fabric money is always good!

  2. ooh, congrats on your first sale! Very exciting! :)

  3. Yay! Congratulations! Figuring out pricing is the worst. I did freelance graphic design for a while and I never could figure it out the perfect pricing between me getting ripped off and them getting ripped off lol. I think you did a good job though! Yay, for new fabric!

  4. WooHoo! Congrats on your first sale! :o) It really is cute with that blue binding. Love it. xo

  5. I really like your jelly roll quilt! It turned out great. Love the colors. It's a quilt that makes you want to cuddle up under when you read a book and/or take a nap. Or take on a picnic. This quilt will see a lot of use. And Yes. The blue made it pop!