Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Quilt #1

At some point over the summer, likely at a family gathering, my sister-in-law mentioned that she'd love to have a quilt. Well, of course she would, who wouldn't want something great that we make, right?? ;)

Anyway, she said she likes red, and she always wears black, and not too long after this conversation, Joann put a bunch of red/white/black/blue fabrics on their red-tag shelf.

I love the jelly roll race quilt style, so this was the first one I made for Christmas this year:

It's backed with black flannel, quilted with red thread in the ditch and with red for the zig-zag machine binding that I did.

This quilt is also an amazing testimony to the power of Shout Color Catchers. See that red, with the white? I threw in two of the Color Catchers and the red didn't run at all. Whoa! Love those things!

So there you have it. Quilt number one for Christmas this year :)


  1. Love the zigzag stitching! Bet this quilt is really cozy to cuddle under.

  2. I love how with the red snowflake print it is wintery/xmasy without being over the top :)

  3. Very nice quilts!
    I like the mix of the colours!