Thursday, October 13, 2011

Christmas shopping

So my lovely aunt, whose stash I raided back in August? She's a FIEND for the Has a ton of their quilt kits, all kinds of stuff from them. She SO generously offered to gift me something designer from them for Christmas.

I've never had designer fabric before, so of course I've been picky about what I'd consider.

And then I fell in love...with Outfoxed.

Borrowed from FQS, found here

I love the foxes. And especially the little hedgehogs. I adore all three colorways, and definitely their names - "outwitted," "outsmarted," and "outplayed." So clever! This is the same gal who gave us 1001 Peeps - also adorable, but it doesn't include these amazing hedgehogs, so...not that.

I've already got a project in mind - a lap quilt for me to use for work. Because some things have to be just me. And I picture myself embroidering it with the words "outwitted," "outsmarted," and "outplayed," because, um, those are great things to remind ourselves of while sitting at the desks we don't like dreaming about the sewing rooms that are our shelters.

Am I right??


  1. Lucky! I've been creating a wish list on Amazon (they have a universal wish list, so items from the FQS and others can be added!) because both my birthday (nov 16th) and Christmas are coming up. I like the wishlist because my family, who know nothing about fabric and what to buy, can pick something off the list and still have the gift be a surprise. My mom loves picking out gifts. She hates being told what to buy. So I thought the list was perfect. :D

    I love the colors of Outfoxed! So cute. (I think I'll add it to my wishlist lol) I can't wait to see what you create out of it!

  2. Great choice! And great idea to make something for yourself ;-)

  3. You are very right. Love the little foxes and hedge hogs.

  4. Brilliant!! I LOVE those hedgehogs. The embroidered words are a must, you seriously have to do that. genius. Great choice!

  5. Great choice I looooove Lizzie House (and her mom, she designs quilts- pure awesome) you mentioned 1001 peeps, did you see castle peeps? That was the first real designer line I ever bought a bundle of :)
    Can't wait to see what you do with your new pretties.