Sunday, October 23, 2011


 I managed to finish the quilting on one of my Christmas gift quilts. I can't show the front, but I love the way the red I used contrasts with the black flannel back (love flannel backed quilts!). Just have to bind and wash! I've edited my Fall 2011 to-do list to reflect my progress - isn't it great to cross things off big lists like that? I'll admit, though - I occasionally add things I've already done, just so I can cross something else off!

Splurged and bought my first designer fabric - a charm pack of Little Apples! Not sure what I'm going to use it for yet. Any ideas?? What was your first "designer" fabric? :)


  1. My first was a 1/2 yard stack of 5 of Zoo Babies by Whistler Studio for Windham Fabrics that I bought at Ever since, I only buy designer. Welcome to the dark side, you may never go back ;)

  2. I love flannel too! I love the red against the black - I so need to get more colours of thread!! Those little apples are so cute, it's on my wishlist - I adore the tortoises :)

  3. I just got some Little Apples in the mail, too! I am still deciding what to do with mine? I love the prints so much, I don't want to cut them up too much. I was thinking just a simple patchwork quilt?

    My 1st was AMH's Good Folks. It is the reason I began to sew actually! :)