Saturday, July 9, 2011

What a week!

I love getting mail. Always have. From Zoo Books and Highlights magazines as a kid to all the cards and letters I got in boot camp - hell, I even like receiving bills! This week, I got not one but TWO great packages in the mail - both on Friday! Let's rewind, though, before we get there.

I love me some thrift stores. We have a great one here that, three days a week, offers 30% off their whole inventory. They also give an extra percentage - either 50% or 75%! - off merchandise with certain colored tags. This week, we picked up a lab coat for my husband, the budding scientist, for $1 because it had a 75% off tag, and I got myself one of these:  A big ol' pattern cutting board, also about $1! Not a huge deal, since they aren't that expensive new, but I wasn't able to find one this size on Amazon - plus my husband claims they're good for playing RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons because of the grid that's on them. Hooray?

Anyway, the packages! The little one contained this adorable mug rug and some super cute fat quarters from Jan at SewSowinLove! There was a mix up from the mug rug swap I did back in...May, was it?...and the person who got me didn't get my address, so I didn't get one. Boo!

The coordinator took care of me, though, and I got hooked up with Jan, who sent this adorable rug, now on my desk - maybe more for cool drinks than hot ones, but definitely appreciated nonetheless! Check her out on Twitter, too.

I definitely would've called it a great mail day at that, but that wasn't it! I also got this AMAZING assortment of stuff from Renay at And Then We Started Living - all kinds of things, including embroidery floss, a ton of scrapbooking stuff (a hobby I may now have to start!?), cuuuuuute stationery, even a painting!

 I had another painting where this one is, but we did some rearranging so that one was too big - and this one goes perfectly with the girly purples and greens and gray that are my office.
 Scrapbooking paper and doo-dads, stamps, some fabric, stationery, much adorable, cutesy girly stuff! I think that's what I appreciate about it so much - it's the sort of thing I'd probably never buy for myself, but I totally love it now that I have it!
 I LOVE these kinds of magnets - I had another one, so now I have five! They've got great sarcastic sayings on them - the top left one says something about being disappointed that the weiners keep getting smaller while the buns keep getting bigger. Teehee!

So thank you, thank you, thank you, Renay! What an amazing collection of items!

If you appreciate good design, like pretty pictures of house interiors or baby rooms or what have you, follow Renay - both her blog, and her upcoming journey to move across country, to get married, plan for children...all that fun "big stuff" one does!

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  1. You are an amazing woman! I am so thankful that you love your gifts. Have a fantastic weekend!!