Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Money matters

Money's a huge stressor for me. When I get stressed, I get anxious and micromanage - I know this (and hate this) about myself. I tell myself, "No more Starbucks. No more Wendy's for lunch. No more trips to Jo-Ann's after work... okay, well, not unless they have a really great sale. Gotta get all the funds I can off Crowd Tap and Swagbucks." and so forth, until I end up crying to Jeff and he gets annoyed.

Spoiled as it may sound, my mother graciously offered to pay for my husband and I to fly cross-country to attend my cousin's wedding in the middle of August. I got a great deal on the tickets - about 20% less than I was expecting and she was willing to pay. Unfortunately, I found them mid-day while at work, so I had to pay with them on my credit card.

Then Mom forgot to tell Dad how much the tickets were, so he was a little...delayed in getting me funds. We finally managed to get things straightened out today.

Just knowing that the money's on its way from Paypal to me is huge. I'm so much more calm - by mid-week next week, the credit card balance will be back to $0, and I'll be a much happier gal.

How do you deal with money stress?


  1. i have a sort of ostrich approach...which is bad. and i should have learned better by now.

    and i also wake up in the middle of the night. and count obsessively.

    money stress is the worst kind.

  2. I used to have the same approach as Julochka, now I'm even worse, I gave all fiscal responsibility to my husband, saves me from buggering us financially and I only stress when I peek, he does a glorious job though, much much better than I ever did.