Sunday, January 16, 2011

Good day, good weekend

It's been a long time since I've felt like I was making a friend. Yesterday I went shopping with Tamera, a relatively-new co-worker of mine. We stopped for fuel at Starbucks, went to Old Navy, and then to Pluto's for lunch. It was a great time. Lots of joking around, commiserating, gossiping, etc. Girl talk, basically. A new thing for me, though, since I've never had a close female friend like that. She's also come over to hang out at the house a few times, which has been cool.

Today was a good day, too. Jeff's dad's wife's birthday is in the next few days, and she had some folks over for a Thanksgiving dinner-type spread. We made some amazing bread in the bread machine last night (we still have a whole loaf, yay!) and took that, and generally I ate too much. I can't wait until it's warm enough / light late enough for me to bike again after work, so that I don't feel guilty about eating the bread that we've been making, haha.

Anyway... nothing particularly interesting or thoughtful. Just a happy day. :)

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