Monday, September 27, 2010

Blog meme day one

Day 1: A photo of yourself and a description of how your day was.

Well there it is. Me, after a mind-numbing day at work.

Wait, I guess that's killing two birds with one stone, allowing the photo to do the talking. Alright.

Well, today was like any other Monday, though with the added bonus of the boss being out of town. I work at a car dealership (new Nissans and Hyundais, as well as used vehicles, parts, service, etc.) in the accounting department. I do all accounts payable work, as well as photograph the vehicles for our various websites, make sure the info on those websites is accurate, type emails and shit for the boss, create all kinds of mailers, and do pretty much anything else anyone can come up with for me to do.

Except today... as it's the end of the month, and there was little to no work to be done. Yikes.

The only good thing that happened today is...maybe...just maybe...the office's village idiot will FINALLY go away. Lying is bad, mkay?

Other events of today include getting the stucco around our new window patched (yay for seemingly endless home improvements) and acquiring some items for a friend of mine. More on that tomorrow (provided all goes well).


  1. Don't you just love office coworkers? So ridiculous. Yay for the boss being away though. That's always a major plus!

  2. My boss is also away - hopefully he wont come back :P