Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bon Voyage!

Dianna from Polka Dots and Pastries has expressed some dismay that I don't post more often - hopefully now that she is leaving, off on a great voyage across the country, I will be inspired to post more about my crafting so that she can keep up with my projects. ;)

And even though this is not exactly a great photo of me, it does show off two completed WIPs, at least a little!

The girl smiling is NOT me... but that leg and the skirt ARE mine! Haha! My flowers are now finished,with only a touch-up appointment to go, and the skirt, made out of that lovely chair print, is one I finished!

I managed to cross something off my mental to-do list - getting my machine cleaned! - at Cathy's Sew and Vac here in Chico. They recently moved, and even more recently became home to a local quilt shop, that had a yard of the chairs on sale for something like $4.50! How could I resist!! In fact, it was tough not to get the print in the dark purple, the light purple AND the red!

Anyway...the photo itself is from dear Dianna's going away party, and you can see more photos of me in her photos on this blog post. Good-bye, friend - have a fantastic adventure on the east coast!! :)


  1. I hope she has a really fun journey we talk quite often through email.
    Cool looking peak of the skirt. Will you take a larger pic? =D

  2. Looks like you have a nice porch for hanging out and a good friend to sit with. keep sewing and keep your machine well oiled . It will keep it purring like a kitten. cheers, Claire W.