Thursday, October 21, 2010

Down day

Having the down sort of day where I wonder why I bother. Why bother trying to have friends, when, in my experience, as soon as you get close, as soon as you trust, they decide "oh, sorry, we can't be friends anymore," or something happens and you drift apart. With Facebook and other websites doing such a "good" job of connecting people, it's not like you can sever ties as easily as you once could... Instead of the feuding parties accidentally getting invited to the same party, you get them commenting on the same status, or photo, or whatever. "Oh, wait, maybe I should take down all these photos and erase that person from my online life completely."

As if I can do that. Yes, you were my best friend for more than 10 years; let me pretend that connection never existed. Or you, we were hardly friends for what, a year, before you got rid of me, or your boyfriend did, or whatever; I wear other-than-white socks now, because you made me notice, and think they were cute, and that maybe I could/should wear them, too.

Maybe I should do a pre-emptive strike, and cut all my strings first. Ditch Facebook, delete the blog, stop doing anything remotely friendly.

Some days the risks of friends outweigh the rewards.

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